Friday, October 19, 2007

Two Coreys are better than one

It was by cosmic fluke that two of the most promising teenage actors of the mid 80's happened to both be named Corey. When the chemistry of the Coreys -- Feldman and Haim -- sparkled, after their inevitable pairing in 1987's The Lost Boys, Hollywood smelled a gold mind.

The duo followed up that vampire hit with above the title turns in License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream. While these films didn't quite break the bank, the Coreys' perfect hair, perfectly rolled jeans and perfectly snide comebacks made them legends. Although they barely stood ten feet between them, The Coreys became aspirational giants to a generation weaned on the slick materialism that was the Reagan era.

But their success hid great pain. Before the days of Perez Hilton and, our young stars were forced to suffer through their depressions and addictions alone. We were surprised when the Coreys, once so fill of promise, fizzled in the 90's as direct-to-video burnouts. Maybe we shouldn't have been. But, even through the bad times, the Coreys stuck together. No longer bound by just the happenstance of their name, but also both burned by fame, that cruelest of mistresses.

The dawn of the second millennium found Corey Haim -- literally rendered incoherent from years of drug abuse -- the subject of a heartbreaking E! True Hollywood Story. Feldman got his basic cable salvation as a self-obsessed, prima donna on VH1's The Surreal Life. Their reality TV pairing was, again, inevitable.

Did anybody even watch the scripted reality show The Two Coreys? It doesn't matter. I think I speak for many when I say the mere knowledge that The Coreys were back together -- bouncing lines off each other, making their art -- warmed my callous heart.

Which is why today's news is so tragic: The Corey's are no longer speaking. Not only has their reality show been put on ice, but they will not appear together in the long awaited Lost Boys sequel.

Feldman cites Haim's "issues" as the impetus for their break up.

Will the Coreys get back together? Inevitably. We will care? Slightly. We will ever see another duo of namesakes so star-crossed and intertwined? The answer to that question lies deep in the cosmos.

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