Friday, October 19, 2007

Week seven picks

I went 8-3-2 last week, bringing my overall record 43-36-10. As I deftly establish myself as one of the finest handicappers on the Internet, I think it is only fair to my readers that I lift the curtain on my decision making process, so it can be studied and emulated.

SAN FRANSISCO at Giants (-9) Hunch.

Tennessee at HOUSTON (+2) Visceral hatred of Vince Young's obnoxious V. Young back tattoo.

TAMPA BAY at Detroit (-2.5) Mental coin flip.

Arizona at WASHINGTON (-8.5) Attempt to create a win-win viewing scenario by picking a team I dislike in a game which I will probably be forced to watch.

BALTIMORE at Buffalo (+3) Alphabetical order.

Atlanta at NEW ORLEANS (-8) Have relatives in Atlanta. Hope for their team's misfortunes.

KANSAS CITY at Oakland (-3) Critical thinking.

New England at MIAMI (+17) Cognitive dissonance.

JETS at Cincinnati (-6.5) Expert application of Malcolm Gladwell's "blink" method.

ST. LOUIS at Seattle (-8.5) Oiuja Board. (OK, I just made that one up)

Minnesota at DALLAS (-10) Because I secretly admire Tony Romo's dreamy dimples.

Chicago at PHILADELPHIA (-6) A guilt-driven need to pick my favorite team.

Pittsburgh at DENVER (+4) Have a number of friends who root for the Steelers. Hope for their team's misfortunes.

INDIANAPOLIS at Jacksonville (+3.5) The Jags secondary has yet to be tested, and that Peyton Manning can sure toss the old pigskin!

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