Monday, November 12, 2007

Death Watch: Kanye West's mom

While some speak of the death of irony, and others claim irony will be the death of us all, only those who die an ironic death are of interest to this death watcher.

Perhaps the best example of this phenomena is Jim Fixx, who best-sellingly touted the joy and health benefits of jogging to an unhealthy nation, only to suffer a deadly heart attack at 52 during his daily jog. Along that same vein, the more recent death of eat-more-meat diet guru Robert Atkins and his cholesterol-ravaged heart scored high on the irony scale.

A slightly different type of ironic passing occurs when the end comes during a cosmetic procedure which was intended to make the victim appear younger.

Judging from today's massive coverage of the liposuction-related death of the mother of Kanye West -- who isn't even that famous himself -- it isn't just professional death watchers who can't get enough of the ironic death.

In a further twist, any of the many blogs and news organization that have reported on Mrs. West's death and also use Google AdSense look a little bit like this right now:

While the jury is still out on whether or not Kanye's mom's death will actually drive traffic to services offering plastic surgery and financing for plastic surgery, this death watcher is willing to proffer that Donda West -- with the aid of a burgeoning new technology -- has just achieved the most ironic death ever died.

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Anonymous said...

Make his mom rest in peace & God give Kanye the strenght to recover such a loss....God Bless his & rest his moms soul.