Monday, November 19, 2007

Japan is weird part 1,987,592

The great number of posts I've done on how weird the Japaneses are sometimes gives me pause because I've never been to Japan or had a conversation with a full-blooded Japanese person -- so maybe I shouldn't be so quick to judge their national weirdness on these pages. I also worry that I could be unnaturally obsessed with Nipponese kookiness and that, perhaps, this obsession says more about me than having air sex contests or engaging in creative farting says about those peculiar Japs.

Then I see this on the website of the International Herald Tribune:
If you want to read the article, here it is. Suffice to say it is all about Japanese men being rexy and wearing girly clothes, while the chicks of Japan wear utilitarian outfits, drink a lot of beer and slap the scrawny men around if that's what it comes to. The article is authored by someone with a Japanese name, so it may even be true.

Thanks to the emailing readers of the IHT, I feel a whole lot better about singling out the Japanese for the unending source of inexplicable oddity that they continue to be.


Anonymous said...

When I visited Tokyo, I was fascinated by the Jon Bon Jovi haircuts on the fashionista/rockstar "men"...all sorts of blond die and highlights, puffed up into a giant mullet. Naturally, these were the guys who had the eye candy hanging all over them. Paraphrasing Charlie Murphy, "the guy who looked most like a bi+ch was the one gettin' all the girls."

JT said...

One can never go wrong paraphrasing Charlie Murphy.