Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rotem's choice

It was recently reported Britney Spears keeps in her home a double locked "fantasy room," fully equipped with whips, ticklers, rubber costumes and the like. It was also recently reported Britney may be pregnant.

As for who the baby's daddy might be, so far focus has been on South Africa-born record producer J.R. Rotem. And so far Rotem has both confirmed and denied involvement in the alleged fetus.

His indecision is completely justified. Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution teach the male Homo Sapien that you run as far and as fast as you can upon the first word you may have knocked up a completely insane mother-of-two who owns a sex dungeon.

But it's not that easy for J.R. Instead of pumping gas, Kevin Federline, Spears's last impregnator, gets to appear on the cover of second-rate magazines and has probably secured a lifetime pass to appear on any celebrity reality show he wants. And, increasingly, magazine covers and reality TV stardom are most cherished outcomes for people of all stripes.

So let's call it "Rotem's Choice." And we should give him his time. For the decision he makes could very well signal the direction of humanity.

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