Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Internet dominance can be yours too

This morning, during my day of having fun with search engines, I checked out Google Trends. At the time, the daily searches list was dominated by a man named Seth Tobias. (He has since been bumped out of the top spot by the just-dead rapper Pimp C.) I had never heard of Tobias, but those of you who still have to watch financial news shows all day might remember him as an investment manager, and sometime-CNBC contributor, who reportedly drowned in his swimming pool after a heart attack back in September.

In today's New York Times, gossip rag that it is, new allegations involving Tobias's death were released. The article included this sentence fragment, which I believe is solely responsible for the dead man's completely out of nowhere search engine surge in the AM:

Now, if you go to my post below, I discuss how search engine superstars such as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears can control the Internet for years and years. Such domination is only for special people, and is more than the rest of us can ever hope for.

But what Seth Tobias proved this morning is that anyone is just a vengeful wife, a sack of cocaine, a watery asphyxiation, a couple basic cable TV appearances, and a male go-go dancer named Tiger away from completely dominating the Internet for a few hours on a slow day.

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