Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Jennifer Love Hewitt may not be aging gracefully

So there is this whole Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. The Internet battle that has been going down over the past week.

For those of you haven't heard, it all started when Hewitt went on vacation to Hawaii and decided to romp around in a bikini even though she no longer sports the body type (the one pictured) that made her so popular on the late 90's melodrama Party of Five.

It turns out the paparazzi had followed her to the tropical island, and the images they captured of Hewitt's aquatic rollick quickly made their way to the Internet -- which quickly made a very harsh judgement on Hewitt's suddenly ampler posterior. (Like this judgement, incriminating pictures included.)

Love, as her friends call her, fired back on her blog, standing up for all girls and all body types, and claiming being a size two doesn't make you fat. Which is certainly true, but if Hewitt is currently a size two I know a lot less about that particular system of measurement than I thought I did.

Part of what's cool about not being required to do a certain of number of posts a day is that I get to stay away from the type of entry where I put up an unflattering picture of a famous person and then pick apart (usually) her physical appearance. I hate doing this because it is mean, and because that also means I have to sully my blog with an ugly picture.

But I also accept that if I was a big money blogger with an eight post a day minimum I would be forced to do this regularly.

Although that wouldn't be the end of the world. Hewitt's, to use that example, body has made her millions and millions of dollars. So I do believe, cruel or not, commenting upon it is fair game.

Unfortunately there are many girls out there -- girls who have never became famous because they once had huge breasts and a tiny waist -- who must feel like crap when someone like Hewitt gets torn apart for being, in the grand scheme of things, a little bit chubby.

By letting herself go, and subjecting her body -- and the body of the average woman -- to the kind of ridicule Hewitt has been facing, I believe JHL, who claims to be a role model, has let these vulnerable girls down. She was probably thinking, "If I don't grow a disproportionally large ass some other hot chick from the late nineties -- maybe Sarah Michelle Gellar -- will. And the negative societal impact of the reaction to her expanded backside would be exactly the same as if it was mine that blew up. So I might as well microwave that chocolate glazed doughnut in butter before I eat it."

Just the kind of fatalistic rationale that can lead to genocide and other terrible things. Thoughtless fatty.

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