Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Other Spears pregnant -- and not by John Edwards

For the last couple days there have been swirling whispers concerning Jamie-Lynn Spears, the Nickelodeon actress and 16-year-old sister of famous troubled person Britney Spears, and being pregnant. Unlike similar chatter surrounding mega-popular tween triple threat Miley Cyrus the Jamie-Lynn rumors have turned out to be true.

It is no surprise that in a culture which hypes the social significance of movies such as Knocked Up and Juno, and breathlessly details the latest status of J-lo's "baby bump," the kids would want to try it to. And what else is a teenager to do when Guitar Hero 3 is sold out in stores? Jamie-Lynn met her 19-year-old baby-daddy to be at church.

I always think it's weird when celebrities have kids because it makes them seem so much like people. But, as more and more of our youngest stars find themselves with child, we will get to learn how early motherhood effects those who grew up with agents and tutors. Will it make them more or less likely to morph into tabloid selling trainwrecks with world famous vaginas? Luckily for us we be allowed to see this fascinating question for our time answered in real time. That I can guarantee.

(Speaking of surprising pregnancies, you may start hearing more and more about a woman named Rielle Hunter. This was my take on her a couple months ago.)

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