Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Top ten songs of the year

Remember how I wrote just yesterday that I wouldn't be doing a top ten song list this year? That was a lie, it turns out. So without further adieu here are my top ten songs of 2007:

10. I'm Not Going To Teach Him To Dance With You Black Kids Wizard Of Ahhhs
Being influenced by the Cure was to the second half of 2007 as being influenced by Springsteen was to the first.

9. Don't You Wish It Was True John Fogerty Revival
Here we have an old guy ripping off every single song ever written (including many of his own) while singing about some silly happy hippy scenario. But it's Fogerty, and he couldn't write a bad song if his dog's life depended on it.

8. You Don't Know What Love Is The White Stripes Icky Thump
I feel like this is almost a great song. Really good snags the eight spot in '07.

7. Take Me To The Ballroom Moonbabies Moonbabies at the Ballroom
From Jens Lekman to the Shout Out Louds to a couple of the bands on this list, it was another huge year for Swede-pop.

6. Fluorescent Adolescent Arctic Monkeys Favourite Worst Nightmare
As one who can remember when MTV played videos, I appreciate how the video works with the song.

5. Paper Planes M.I.A Kala
First step, sample one of the most infectiously unique pieces of popular music ever written. Second step, add a hook built from one of undisputed party anthems of the party athemed 90's. This song sounds great, but it's sort of unfair.

4. Turn on Me The Shins Wincing the Night Away
Wincing The Night Away was the least disappointing of all the big "indie" bands (Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, CYHSY) who released much anticipated albums in 2007. And this was easily my favorite song on it.

3. None Shall Pass Aesop Rock None Shall Pass
Couldn't get into the album, but this song is pretty neat.

2. Silly Crimes The Tough Alliance New Waves
The silliest crime here is how ridiculously and unabashedly catchy this song is.

Mistaken For Strangers The National Boxer
Everything I said yesterday remains true.

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