Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Crazy model + crazy president = broken BlackBerry

Are Naomi Campbell and Hugo Chavez a couple? If the latest gossip is to be believed (and why not?) the answer is yes. Campbell met the Venezuelan President while interviewing him for GQ magazine and, allegedly, interviewer and interviewee have fallen madly in love.

This isn't the first time Campbell has courted an international revolutionary type. The former super-model is always sniffing around Nelson Mandala, but so far the 89-year old former South African President has resisted -- despite a well-documented affinity for violent younger women.

While Campbell may have been a catch back her in her cat walking days, these days she is known more for the stunning rate she in which she is able whack assistants over the head with cellphones and PalmPilots. As for her looks . . . you know how owners start to resemble their pets? Well, along the same lines, women who go around cracking skulls with PDAs start to look like women who go around cracking skulls with PDAs.

Seeing as the outspoken and abrasive Chavez is going to have his hands full with his new 5-foot-9.5 inch whirl of rage and Bluetooth technology, he will probably have less time to make ridiculous and paranoid statements about the United States' government. Meaning the United States' government will have fewer opportunities to overreact to said statements. Really, everybody wins -- besides that BlackBerry Pearl soon to be embedded in the President of Venezuela's forehead.

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