Friday, January 25, 2008

Door-to-door salesman are fleeting (unlike tattoos)

With its generic name and central location, Springfield, Missouri could make a good case for being Anytown, USA. Although one can only hope the level of intelligence displayed by Springfield's residents isn't indicative of the broader population the city could represent.

Three residents of Springfield really, a trio which allowed a door-to-door tattoo artist ink them up -- even though one of the eventual victims freely concedes the tattoo gun the unorthodox salesman carried was of the homemade, prison variety.

All three women quickly developed infections, and one passed out and had to be hospitalized.

Let this be a lesson to the feeble-minded everywhere: Just because someone shows up at your door and offers a service, it doesn't mean the vendor is qualified to render said service. This goes double when the offer comes with an outward display of amateurism.

So that UPS delivery man is likely not a licenced masseuse, and it's best to refrain from making a sanitation worker your financial planner. On the other hand, neither of these poor choices would result in greatly increasing your chances of catching AIDS or Hepatitis C.

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