Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Early returns suggest 2008 will belong to Britney

There are things about Britney Spears that still interest me. But they are auxiliary things. Such as the continuing study of what constitutes the Britney-based economy -- which is by some accounts larger than the entire national output of Tonga. I've also been been fascinated by the Associated Press's open embrace of all things Britney, followed by the AP's very public preparation of the 26-year olds obituary, followed by an AP editor actively lobbying for her death so his news organization could finally get a little ROI on their soul selling.

Britney herself, not so much interest anymore. Although I haven't been able to avoid noticing that lately Britney has been doing a lot of semi-nude weeping (and not the good kind), has fallen under the influence of a pair of Afghan handlers with suspect motives, and, keeping with the international theme, has now developed British-accented alter-ego who is apparently quite nice. Also, there was something with Dr. Phil.

While it's always fun to see a crazy person attempt to represent themselves to the public as sane -- like Tom Cruise or what Britney used to do -- having a crazy person go out of her way to act as nutty as possible gets tiresome pretty fast. Unfortunately the public doesn't agree with me. In this chart of searched terms you can see not even the transcendent, Kennedy-approved and rigorously over-hyped power of Barack Obama can compete with Britney's full embrace of the crazy white chick routine:

Now that Lindsay is drinking again maybe she will be able to cut into Britney's market share, and spur Barack to victory. But history suggests otherwise.

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