Monday, January 07, 2008

Idle threat of the week

After a two week holiday the panel of judges returns to scour the globe for the idlest threat of the week that was. Of course, by the panel of judges, I really just mean me. And, by the globe, I really just mean the Internet. I also believe it's important to point out that any talk of Internet begins and ends with Britney Spears. Who for six of the last seven years has been the term most searched when folks sit down at their computer and use the greatest power of our century to learn more about about the subject they are most interested.

Between the surprise election results coming out of Iowa, and the nearing conclusions of both the college and pro football seasons, the end of this week was a busy and news-filled one. In response, Britney decided to completely lose it during a child custody kerfuffle, and then managed to get herself strapped to a gurney and carted from her own home by medical professionals. Britney grinned maniacally all the way to Cedars-Sinai.

Her breakdown produced the type of photos and copy that would completely dominate a slow week. But, during busy week, it was just Britney successfully marking the Internet -- like a dog would to a fire hydrant.

So let the Tom Bradys and Barack Obamas and pregnant younger sisters have their little fun. There is enough room on the Internet for everyone. But, unlike another famous lady who stumbled badly this week, Britney Spears' air of inevitability is still very much in tact. If there is one thing I will predict for 2008, it is that by the end of the year it will still be Britney who browsers of the Internet are most fascinated with. And all who would attempt to challenge Britney's digital throne have won the Idle Threat of the Week for December 31st to January 6th.

If you were wondering, Britney was released from the hospital on Saturday. Right into the arms of a waiting Dr. Phil.

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