Thursday, February 28, 2008

Drudge saves England, basks in his own glory

About a year ago England was in a twist over whether or not Prince Harry would be able to accompany the soldiers in his regiment to Iraq. The prince badly wanted to see combat, but some higher ups in the British military believed having such a high profile target was more trouble than it was worth.

Well, it turns out they reached a compromise and there is a good reason there hasn't been any pictures of Harry stumbling out if the pub lately: Harry was secret deployed to Afghanistan in December.

Internet trouble maker Matt Drudge broke the story earlier this afternoon -- after teasing it all morning in a matter in which suggested that England had entered into a secret war against a surprise opponent.

Still Drudge's revelation has caused quite a stir. One might think the English would be angry Drudge has compromised the safety of their brave, beloved Prince by violating a media embargo that seems like it would never work but almost did.

Actually no. At least according to this quote Drudge culled from the other side of the Atlantic and has now proudly attached to the top of his website:

It may be a bit hard to read without clicking on, but to paraphrase: Matt Drudge may have just saved the British Empire.

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