Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Idle threat of the week

Yesterday things got not safe for work in a 1962 kind of way, as New York magazine released a Lindsay Lohan photo spread mimicking the famous nude pics that were taken of Marilyn Monroe six weeks before her death.

They even dusted off the same photographer -- Bert Stern -- to do the shoot. You can see for yourself how Lindsay's pics match up against Monroe's. I personally give the edge to Marilyn, despite her severe handicap of being 15 years older and about to die. I will acknowledge Lindsay does a solid job of establishing, once and for all, the real and spectacular nature of her breasts.

We all knew Lindsay was going to end up being featured naked sooner or later --she had been already been teasing a nipple here and a pantyless crotch there. But it is a little surprising that she has chosen to make her first foray into "intentional" nudity in such a historical context.

It almost suggests she will inject a sense of maturity into her inevitable future bouts of being naked. But, nah, there are too many loose cameras floating around these days for that to hold. If Lohan is able to avoid Monroe's fate and survive the next six weeks, she is still in line for the trashily porntastic future we have all envisioned for her. And Lindsay's feign that she's going to do it all classy is the Idle Threat of the Week for February 12th to 18th.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does LiLo look really old?

JT said...

She looks older than MM did -- and she looked old too.