Friday, February 22, 2008

Naked = page views

Ever wondered what naked pictures of Lindsay Lohan are worth? We now have of an answer: 20 million page views, the number New York magazine's Lohan/Monroe spread captured on Monday and Tuesday.

That traffic represented a 2000 percent increase over what the site got the same time last year. Not only that, but New York sold 500 more subscriptions than they would in a typical week. I guess there are folks under the impression the naked troubled starlet as an iconic sex symbol who slept with Kennedys and died young will become a trend for New York. (Kirsten Dunst as Jayne Mansfield? That's got to worth at least 10 million page views.)

But what did we learn from this web-metric aided social experiment? Well, that exponentially more people will check out a magazine that doesn't usually show naked people when it does display naked people. And that Lindsay Lohan has an inordinate number of freckles. Two things everybody already knew.

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