Thursday, March 20, 2008

Iraq war gets no love on its birthday

Yesterday was the fifth year anniversary of the Iraq war. It was also the 1428th anniversary of the birth of famous religious figure Muhammad. To celebrate the occasion, the unconfirmed voice of Osama Bin Laden issued threats via an audio tape released on the Internet.

So did the terror mastermind use this coincidence to exploit Muslim anger concerning America's continued presence in Mesopotamia? Oddly, no. Instead he talked about cartoons and threatened the European Union and the Pope because some obscure drawings had offended his delicate sensibilities.

There was a lot of talk state side about how the Iraq war has fallen off the American public's radar screen. But we have an excuse. Everybody knows Americans have no collective attention span. Plus we have an exciting presidential race to follow, a volatile economy to worry about, and NCAA tournament brackets to fill out before noon. All the unconfirmed voice of Bin Laden has to do is live in a cave, harbor centuries long grudges, and make the occasional audio tape. Yet even he has no time for the conflict in Iraq.

If it makes the Iraq war feel any better, I think people are starting to lose interest in Britney too.

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