Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Japan is weird part 6721

About six months ago a video of 1500 Filipino prison inmates rehearsing their interpretation of what would be the Broadway version of Michael Jackson's Thriller video was a huge YouTube hit.

It wouldn't be like Japan to sit tight and allow another Asian nation to dominate 80's musical kitsch without a rebuttal.

In the clip above the karaoke-mad Japanese have recreated the video for the charity single "We Are The World" right down to the last Springsteen grimace. As you can see, modern make up techniques can make an Asian person look vaguely like Cyndia Lauper, Tina Turner or Lionel Richie -- and a lot like Michael Jackson.

Bonus points for the Japaneses for cramming this -- like they do everything else -- into game show format.

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