Tuesday, March 04, 2008

SNL doesn't want you to see what it did

Media darling Barack Obama is finally catching heat -- and displaying thin skin -- over two mini-scandals; one involving a shady real estate deal with a shady character, and another his surrogate's assurance to the Canadian government that Obama's anti-NAFTA rhetoric was nothing more than meaningless campaign posturing.

The press may have turned up the heat on Obama just in time to help save the campaign of his rival, Hillary Clinton, who has racked up a pretty impressive 11 primary losing streak, and needs a good showing in tonight's contests if she is going to be able to continue her run for the nomination she was once so heavily favored for.

While Obama's kid glove treatment wasn't going to last forever, could it be that Saturday Night Live's much discussed sketch portraying the press as fawning Obama sycophants shamed the boys on the bus into speeding up their inevitable transition towards more traditional scrutiny of the freshmen Illinois Senator?

That is what a lot of people are going to say if Hillary Clinton comes away with primary wins in Texas and Ohio in a few hours. (For what little it is worth, I think that she will.)

This would mark the most buzz SNL has garnered since Chevy Chase fell down/Eddie Murphy jumped in a hot tube/Dana Carvey did the first George Bush -- pick whichever moment as long it was at least 15 years ago.

So what is SNL doing to help seal this potential return to relevance? Surprisingly, not by making the clip in question -- the one Hillary Clinton went so far as to awkwardly bring up in the last debate -- available on Youtube.

So SNL may well help nudge Hillary Clinton along to a legendary comeback, but it is doing itself no favors concerning its own return to glory.

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