Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Paris tricked, or plays a trick, gets into the news

Paris Hilton was spotted this weekend trolling around Los Angeles with a companion. Only it wasn't a chihuahua or Nicole Richie -- the new post-prison socially responsible hotel heiress has rid herself of such yippy and insignificant creatures.

Instead she was about town with what was described as "her very own Buddhist monk." (Pictured.) The monk accompanied Paris to a spiritual book shop, where he read to her from a book titled "The Path to The Painted Shaman."

Later, at his urging, Paris began the process of shedding her material possessions by giving away a piece of diamond jewelery to a random pedestrian.

News of the odd couple hit the Internet yesterday, and very quickly bloggers more eagle-eyed than I noticed things curious about the robed man. Like he was an actor with his own IMDb page.

Maxie J. Santillan has been working steady for the last couple years. Mostly in television, where his guru-chic appearance has lent itself perfectly to such roles as "homeless man," "slimy drunk" and "grizzled busboy."

Like any 21st century spiritual adviser, Santillan is also on Myspace, and he uses the social networking site to advertise that his three heroes are none other than "me, myself and I."

Which makes sense, since the Buddhists say the solutions to all problems lay within ourselves.

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