Friday, April 11, 2008

Enjoy it with an omelette made from zebra vomit

The world's most expensive coffee cost 100 dollars a cup and is brewed from the droppings of an exotic Indonesian cat.

The unique blend includes beans which are, er, "harvested" from the Palm Civet, a cross between a cat and a monkey. The Civets are feed the soft coffee cherry, but can not digest the hard bean center and excrete them onto the forest floor.

Allegedly the digestive journey flavors the bean. How this ever came to be discovered remains a disturbing mystery.

A spokesmen for Peter Jones, the upscale London department store which sells the coffee, explained "we wanted to give our customers a really special experience."

Special indeed. Or to paraphrase an incredulous Happy Gilmore: "You drink pieces of shits for breakfast?"


Anonymous said...

I believe Happy Gilmore was the incredulous speaker. But close enough.

JT said...

Thanks, fixed.