Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lindsay Lohan could be a trailblazer

Since the much-hyped Marylin Monroe spread seemed to do a lot more for the magazine than it did for the model, Lindsay Lohan has devised a new plot to get herself back into the cultural conversation she has been slowly slipping away from.

She is attempting comeback as a "serious" and "mature" actress. And is, apparently, enthusiastically offering up the full frontal in her next movie -- in which she plays a "nymphomaniac waitress" -- even though producers merely requested a topless scene.

Not so long ago Lohan was resistance to celluloid nudity. In her last cinematic bomb she played a stripper, but didn't show anything you wouldn't see during a trip to the beach.

According to "insiders" Lohan believes that since she will be getting naked in a low-budget "indie" film, the nudity is automatically classier than if she was showing naughty parts in a big budget production. It's sort of a variation of the the old "it's not whoring if you do it for free" logic, only Lohan is actually getting paid around 100,000 dollars for her exposure.

If this actually does work look for there to be ramifications in every day life as more and more woman who want to be taken seriously and appear mature start wearing really skimpy outfits to work and having sex on the first date.

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