Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Worst sexual harasser ever

Australians are known for their crass behavior but this, this is just embarrassing:

Troubled WA Opposition leader Troy Buswell has broken down in tears at a press conference and admitted he sniffed the chair of a female Liberal Party staffer.

The tears came after Buswell, who is the head of the Liberal party in Western Australia, was asked about the effect his admission will have on his wife and children.

Buswell initially denied the reports of his inappropriate olfactive adventure because "he wanted to protect the woman involved." (Did she smell bad?)

Political wife that she is, Mrs. Buswell will be standing by her man despite his wondering nose. "She's very understanding," Buswell said of his wife. Buswell does not plan to step down from his post.

Earlier this year Buswell admitted he had snapped the bra of an opposition Labor party staffer. Making Buswell sexual harassment as bipartisan as it is pathetic.

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