Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Obama supporters squeal like a . . .

This is from Barack Obama's speech after his resounding primary victory in North Carolina over Hillary Clinton -- a speech in which he rewarded the state's voters by speaking in a Southern accent.

There has been a lot of focus lately on who stands behind the candidate during televised events, and I think everybody now knows it's no random collection, nor does it necessarily represent the demographics of the folks who have been supporting the candidate.

Despite his big NC win, Obama continues to struggle badly with rural and downscale white voters, and will need to increase his support among those groups to be able to win in November.

Coming from my elitist's perch, when I hear words such as "rural" and "downscale" and "white" and "North Carolina" I hear the sounds of dueling banjos.

So yeah, if you got asked to stand behind Obama during his victory speech in Raleigh it's because somebody thinks you either look like you could be a toothless, backwoods sodomizer of wayward white-water rafters, or you look like you could be kin to a toothless backwoods sodomizer of wayward white-water rafters.

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