Wednesday, June 11, 2008

13 Songs I've been listening to

The latest installment. If you enjoy any of these songs, and would like to have them in your own collection, I always recommend Googling the song title plus "mp3." If you right click on the link to play the song, and then use the "save link as" function, you could score yourself some free music to listen to anytime on your computer or portable music device. I know there are much easier and surer ways to download free music. But I think this one is the most fun because when it works (and it doesn't always work) you will have a sense of satisfaction to go along with your free music.

Fancy Footwork Chromeo Fancy Footwork
Stupidly, insanely, ridiculously catchy retro dance song.

Fernando Pando The Virgins The Virgins
This band has listened to their Pavement and their Strokes.

Memo From Turner Rolling Stones Performance
When I heard this song a few months ago I thought to myself "wow, a really good Rolling Stone's song that I've never heard before." Then someone told me it had been featured in Goodfellas. So I had heard it before after all. Damn you, Scorsese.

This is The Day The The Soul Mining
It's perfectly OK to hold The The's silly name against them and shun their music, but you would be missing out on this classic.

Oxford Comma Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend
Not hugely sold on Vampire Weekend -- every few years some well-educated kids come out with a critically acclaimed album of World Beat Lite before disappearing forever -- but I like this song for its playful lyric, its Lil John reference, and how I now know I just used an oxford comma.

Dead Sounds Raveonettes Lust Lust Lust
Band coming into their sound.

Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle Nirvana In Utero
It will never be Nevermind, but Nirvana's last album is very underrated.

It's No Game Part One David Bowie Scary Monsters
Bowie is the gift that keeps giving.

Indie Rokkers MGMT Time to Pretend EP
Cool song, not on the main album.

That's When I Reach for My Revolver Mission of Burma Signals, Calls and Marches
The latest Asian weather crisis reminded me of Mission of Burma.

Paisley Pattern Ground The Black Hollies Casting Shadows
The Black Hollies do psychedelic rock better than it was done back when it was done.

Mr. Understanding Pete and the Pirates Little Death
Infectious -- and makes you dizzy too!

Golden My Morning Jacket It Still Moves
Their new album is quiet disappointing. Here is one from back when they weren't.

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