Thursday, June 12, 2008

Amy Winehouse goes all 21 Jump Street

There has always seemed to be a truce among the authorities and the famous concerning certain illegalities. While it is not uncommon to see a teenage celebrity photographed in a bar or with a drink in hand, when was the last time a high profile minor was busted for underage drinking? Likewise, the majority of celebs featured on TMZ are clearly under the influence of some illegal substance or the other, yet celebrity drug busts are few and far between.

Which is OK, since I don't believe anyone should be getting in trouble for such vices. But something isn't quite right. Generally, don't authorities like to make examples of high profile targets? And crimes where much of the evidence is a mouse click away would surely appeal to prosecutors and law enforcement. So why are the famous able to continue their illegal behavior unfettered?

We may have just stumbled upon the answer. According to the AP:

Police have charged a man and a woman in London with supplying drugs to soul diva Amy Winehouse. The charges stem from a video that appeared to show the singer smoking crack cocaine.

A-ha! I knew there was no way Amy Winehouse could be a real person. And what self-respecting drug dealer in the greater London area wouldn't be tripping all over themselves to get close to the Amy Winehouse train wreck persona so skillfully created by a scarily dedicated undercover vice agent.

I can't say for sure if similar tactics are being employed here in the States. But please keep this in mind the next time you find yourself feeding Lindsay Lohan blow and laughing when she acts the fool for the camera. The joke could be on you.

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