Thursday, August 31, 2006

JSB comes to the aid of a lost high school senior

You can tell a lot about a person by what they "google." And it isn't always going to be pretty. That is why when AOL made hundreds of thousands of their customers search engine inquiries available on-line there was a public outcry and executives were forced to resign.

By the same token, you can learn a lot about a blog by the search engine queries that bring it traffic. This is unfortunate because most of the searches that bring people to jsb involve I-don't-want-know-why combinations of key words such as Justin Timberlake and gasoline, or Lindsey Lohan and testosterone. It is very embarrassing, and my only consolation is whoever devised the search would be even more embarrassed if they knew someone else could see that they did.

Well today I received a delightful respite from my typical search engine shame. Someone was directed to jsb because they wanted information on literary giant
James Joyce's classic novel "Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man."

In fact if you look at the specific
search jsb is all over the top of the google results for it.

This all stems from a post I wrote on 6/6/06 about the devil and hell, which included a passage from the famously hard to comprehend book.

Even though I never actually read Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man, for the reason I just mentioned, the search still made me feel all high-school-AP-Englishy.

Which is a infinitely better than the parade of head-scratching, sleazy alternatives I am usually subjected to.

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