Thursday, August 31, 2006

Schadenfreude Thursday

I'm not usually about things like this, but it happens to be I do have something against Tara Reid.

You see about five years back, whenever I found myself in a discussion about which actresses were "hot," I would offer up Tara Reid pretty quickly.

This would surprise people. Not that they thought Tara was unattractive, but because I am known to be unusually judicious with the word "hot" and Reid apparently didn't seem like the type that would impress someone with such a reputation.

I was adamant about it though, and would argue the point with vigor when challenged. In the early millennium I was responsible for scores of people taking another look at the blonde actress.

Tara has rewarded my seal of approval by making herself into a rapidly aging punch line for the destructive nature of overindulgence. With every photo of her latest mangled plastic surgery or sloppy bar dancing mishap my face reddens with embarrassment as I think about the way I once enthusiastically endorsed her. When people are laughing at Tara I can't help but thinking some of these people are also laughing at me.

Well it looks like hard-living and karma have caught up with the New Jersey native. Watch Tara (looking pretty OK, actually) get denied at some trendy Hollywood club, while her former best friend Paris Hilton skates right in.

The best part of the video is the soundtrack. Never have I been so jealous of the rich and famous as when I discovered they get to listen to Kenny Loggins at the club. Man, I wish I was a celebrity.

And so does Tara Reid.

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