Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lieberman crashes own website, releases Indie Joe

Joementum lives in defeat. A new independent, but possibly less ironic, type of Joementum the world has never seen.

I predict this edgy, Indie Joe will have something to nod his liberated, yellow head about when the first three-way poll comes out a day or so from now. Whether that sticks and he follows through with a vengeful
plot to destroy the D that abandoned him remains to be seen.

In my last post I stated "websites don't hack themselves." Literally, I'm still correct. But it appears the Lieberman campaign, not Lamont's web-savvy supporters, bears ultimate responsibility for's collapse yesterday -- and not in a jsb-approved Rovian way.

Rumor has it, camp Lieberman didn't know they needed to purchase extra bandwidth to keep the site up as the election neared and interest spiked.

Last week when another Senator, Ted Stevens, proudly told a Senate subcommittee the internet wasn't "A big truck" but instead a
"series of tubes," smarty pants all over mocked the simple analogy from a man so old and Alaskan he was once married to a Polar Bear.

Well, if Lieberman's fancy Eastern Seaboard, Ivy League campaign had been able to evolve their thinking from big truck to series of tubes, wouldn't have gone down yesterday.

First the internet attacked Joe. Then the internet confused Joe. But it could be Joe that ends up teaching the internet a valuable lesson in Joementum.

next team Lieberman brings in better grab all the "tubes" they can get their hands on in anticipation of the political event of season.


JK said...

If only Joe still had Al Gore around to explain the internet from an inventor's perspective!

JT said...

Gore could also explain how global warming has turned Lieberman yellow.