Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I like to call it a "stroke of state"

Today is coup day. It's official in Thailand, it could be teetering on the brink in Hungary and, at the United Nations, President Bush wasn't so subtle in his call for government-toppling activity in Iran and Syria. All this on the heels of the Swedes, in the kind of coup we like to call democracy, tossing the socialists out after decades of rule.

While a day with a coup is certainly more exciting than a day without, I do have a problem with how the Thai conspirators -- the military and the king-- have gone about their subversion. I get that it's a lot easier to kick a guy from his office and official residence when he's already attending to business half-a-world away but, when you control the army, doesn't such a sneaky technique seem a tad wimpy?

I just saw booted Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra on TV. He's not even that big. Maybe he knows karate.

This could be the perfect opportunity for the
Htoo brothers to get back in the revolution game. They are almost twenty now and if they have retained even a small percentage of their childhood magical powers they would be quite formidable in a time of uncertainty.

I believe one of them is in a Thai prison right now -- and from the looks of it a lot of Thai prison guard types are being used to protect government buildings in case Shinawatra and his deadly UN staff decide to fly home and begin crane-kicking their way back into power.

Just saying.

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