Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Help me drive the bums back onto the streets

I'm all for being a good tipper. It usually rewards someone who is working hard, it can sometimes lead to better service and it is a good way to score karmatic points -- if you believe in that kind of stuff.

But there is one job function I will never tip and I would like to encourage others to join me in this boycott.

The concept of a bathroom attendant was probably invented a long time ago at a tony hunting club somewhere. All the members got together to think of ways to prove how rich and decadent they were and decided employing a man who would be forced to listen to them poo would do the trick.

Since I'm one to believe that business is best handled with as little company as possible, I probably wouldn't have joined that club.

Lately, I've noticed more and more modern day bars and clubs have been throwing a bathroom attendant in the mix.

Some would claim having a bathroom attendant keeps the bathroom cleaner. The only problem with this logic is the types of establishments that use a bathroom attendant have traditionally figured out other ways to keep their bathrooms clean.

Maybe they think having a uniformed bathroom attendant "classes" the place up. But there's nothing classy about a bar full of people who have avoided washing their hands after using the restroom because they didn't want to pay someone for the privilege of having a paper towel handed to them.

The bathroom attendant does nothing you wouldn't instinctively do yourself. Yet he inexplicably requests compensation.

So he is a bum. But instead of panhandling on a street corner, this bum is given a bowtie and allowed to hang out in a bathroom. The whole thing is really, really gross.

If we stop giving them money they will go back to the streets where they belong.


Anonymous said...

Accepting the attendants help without providing gratuity, followed by attacking the gum/lollipop tray with twelve-year-old-on-an-unguarded-take-one-please-Halloween-basket restraint, may accomplish more than passive resistance in terms of driving the attendant out of the men’s room. Additionally such actions create three factors that will likely lead to a fine evening: clean dry hands, minty fresh breath and a mindset of entitlement.

JT said...

Not a bad idea. But it could lead to people riding the streets of panhandling vagrants by stealing their Mad Dog.