Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Danny Devito debuts a whole new level of drunk

The View is shot in the morning, which is good for guests who have busy days in front of them. It is not good for guests who have been out drinking all night with George Clooney. Appearing on the The View earlier today, Danny Devito firmly planted himself in the drinking-all-night-with-George-Clooney camp of morning talk show guest.

It is safe to assume that during the parts of this clip where the sound has been removed Devito is saying very nasty things about President Bush.

Sticking with the Presidents, Devito also breaks with the trendy revisionist orthodoxy and associates Abraham Lincoln with wanton heterosexual sex.

So, how drunk was Devito? Watch to the end of the clip and discover Devito was drunk enough to sit on Rosie O'Donnell's lap and allow her to kiss and pet him.

Which, I will argue, is significantly drunker than a skunk.

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