Friday, November 03, 2006

Saudi Arabia struggels to keep up

Things are getting crazy in Saudi Arabia. "Western culture" has infected the kingdom and its subjects now engage in "orgies" and participate in "wife swapping."

Wife swapping? Orgies? That's so cute!

Although, I'm not sure they should be attributed to the influence of "Western culture." Unless by "wife" the Saudis mean "gay prostitute." And by "swapping" they mean a "big pile of crystal meth."

I've read things about this "orgy" before, and I can say with full confidence it does not involve having a sexually explicit written conversation via a hand-held electronic device.

Our fair weathered Saudi friends still have long way to go before they can claim "infection" from the Western culture that confronts us Westerners everyday. I wish them well on their journey. It should be fun.

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