Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The uneducated take John Kerry to joke school

One could argue having a sense of humor is a good indicator of intelligence. It might even suggest a higher level of education...

Well, it's doubtful any of these soldiers graduated Yale, but they were able to turn this joke around pretty quickly. Especially for being in the middle of a violent war zone and not having help from a speechwriter.

I actually feel bad for John Kerry. If you spend your whole life speaking in front of crowds with the camera on, the best of us are going to eventually say something really
inopportune -- botched joke or otherwise. When you're in politics you can only hope the gaffe won't involve insulting the troops or saying something with racial implications (Trent Lott comes to mind.)

So I'm not here to bury Kerry, but to praise the soldiers in that photo. Good joke, fellas. Now each and every one of you has brighter future in national politics than John Kerry does.

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