Monday, April 09, 2007

Federline fakes it rain

About a month ago Tennessee Titan d-back Pacman Jones showed the world how to make it rain when he showered 81,000 dollars of his own cash over gyrating dancers in a Las Vegas strip club.

Jones, a more frugal man than his initial action suggested, then tried to recover the 81,000 from the strippers and other club goers. The end result was a gun fight, increased awareness of the "making it rain" phenomena, and the NFL establishing new rules governing the off-the-field behavior of its players.

As a frugal man myself, I can emphasize with Pacman's conflict between wanting to create blingy excess and saving money. Leave it to Kevin Federline -- the same Kevin Federline who, in a few short years, threw gender roles into a gigantic white trash blender by going from back-up dancer to Mr. Britney Spears to recipient of a seven-figure divorce settlement and c-list immortality -- to come up with a solution where the brilliance is its simplicity:

Fake money.

And that's what Federline showered the shiny ladies of the stage with as he partied in Las Vegas last Friday. And we're not talking fake one dollar bills here, or even fake tens -- K-fed went almost all-out and reached for a seemingly endless supply of fake fifties.

As it stands Kevin Federline has proven himself to be an innovator and a problem solver. Genius . . ? Only time will time, but there is now some evidence pointing towards that shocking conclusion.

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