Thursday, September 06, 2007

This video is not in English

To most basketball fans Darko Milicic is a relative bust of a high first round draft pick and the guy who, during the Pistons' run to the 2004 NBA Championship, infected himself trying to pierce his ears and had to wear embarrassing bandages on both lobes as he cheered his team from the bench.

But there have alway been rumors of something far less ineffectual stirring beneath Darko's placid eyes.

No less than Rashad Wallace has hinted the Serbian national had killed many a man back in his European homeland.

Thus launched the legend of Darko the Gangster. Which was all sort of silly until yesterday when, between sips of Powerade, Darko Milicic threatened to murder the referees Milicic feels jobbed his Serbian national team during their FIBA loss to Greece and then rape their daughters. (And does so in his native tongue.)

A blogger quicker than me pointed out that any true blooded Serb would know, to maximize effect, you rape the daughter before murdering the referee. But I'm just going to chalk that up to a bad translation and give Darko the benefit of the doubt.

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