Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Magic didn't sue Isiah when he tried to kiss him

The verdict is in, and Isiah Thomas's improper touching -- as well as the b-bombs the New York Knicks' head coach and president of basketball operation was under the mistaken impression were racially protected -- will cost his Knickerbockers at least 11.6 million dollars. (Although, unlike Isiah's other mistakes, I'm told this figure will not count against the team's salary cap)

James Dolan, the Knicks' owner and idiot son of Cablevision, will be personally liable for about 3 million dollars of the damages. Even though the jury deadlocked on whether Isiah, the harasser himself, should also be forced to reach into his own pocket and pay the aggrieved female team executive.

Some might think this financial hit will finally push Dolan to end Isiah's absurd reign of embarrassing terror over at Madison Square Garden. I disagree. To put everything into perspective, 11.6 million is still considerably less than the 20 million dollars the Knicks paid Allan Houston* to talk on ESPN last year, but, admittedly, more than the 8 million dollars the team will be paying Malik Rose to sit on the bench in a nice suit this year.

Of course if Isiah was a better executive he would have figured out a way to integrate his sexual harassment and his doling out of enormous sums of money to employees who don't do any actual work: I'm thinking something along the lines of Jared Jeffries in lipstick and a wig.

* I know, Allan Houston wasn't Isiah's fault. But 16 million dollar man Steve Francis was. And, last year, Francis made it even worse by occasionally playing.

** Here's a famous
of Isiah playing kissy-poo during happier, less litigious times.

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