Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The unintended consequences of marketing the NBA in foreign countries and other displays of rank perversion

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, practically none of my traffic comes from search engines any more. Which means, when I do get a search, I tend to try to figure out why, so maybe I can crack the matrix and capture more hits.

Increasingly, this activity has left me feeling unclean. If you are wondering why, check out my last two searches:
Darko Milicic, it happens, is very large and tends to respond violently and irrationally to perceived slights. Which is why I would like to take this oppurtunity to remind my readers that this blog is actually the last place you would want to go to find pictures of a naked Darko. And I have no intention of making it so -- increased traffic from Greece be damned.

As for the second one . . . That's really on the Daily Show. I know they like to keep things loose over there. And I know the rumor is black males would be the ones with the good sex simulating rhythm. But 15 year olds? For shame.

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