Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sometimes parliamentarians get hungry

Last night I was minding my own business, checking my Yahoo! homepage, when I can across this unsettling link:
And no, sad is it is, I'm not referring to the passing of "Washoe."

The unsavory snacker is Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd, who, until recently, was the heavy favorite to unseat three-term incumbent John Howard as Prime Minister when Australians go to the polls on November 24.

The video -- which is six years old -- reemerged on Youtube about two weeks ago. While Rudd is still favored to win, the race has tightened considerably since.

According to papers more likely to cover elections in Australia than the ones I typical read, no one is denying the ear wax video could be contributing to this trend.

Is an ear wax eater fit to rule the world's largest former penal colony? View the video and decide:

As for me, I'll leave it up to the Australians. I will note that here in America things turned rather quickly on supposed Iraq war architect Paul Wolfowitz once Youtube outed him as a comb licker. Meaning Rudd's fate may rest on whether Australians find ear wax eating more or less objectionable than comb licking. Not the best way to chose a leader. But not the worst either.

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