Thursday, January 10, 2008

Teen saves Obama from embarrassment

After being blindly hypnotized by it for the better part of a week, the much-maligned pundits are beginning to question Barack Obama's uplifting message of "change." As in what does "change" really mean.

Is "change" that thing which happens each time one moment turns into the next? Or is "change" something bold and transcendent --like what would happen if you put RFK, a bunch of chanting college students, and the hopes and dreams of every last soul on planet earth into a blender, and then baked the savory mix in a flour-based crust for 40 to 50 minutes before serving it to a hungry American electorate as 21st century apple pie.

So far nobody knows the answer. But we just learned this: If you pair "rocks" after "change" what you have is clear cut copyright infringement. Or so says the lawyer for a 19-year old Scarsdale teen.

Stefan Doyno trademarked the phrase "Change Rocks" three years ago as a way to market his invention of rings with interchangeable stones. Last month Doyno was "shocked" to learn the Obama campaign was using "Change Rocks" in promotional material for a rock concert/fundraiser they were holding in Chicago.

So far the Obama team has not responded to Doyno's lawyer directly, but suggested to reporters that they would not use "Change Rocks" on any of their printed material.

A move that could very well save Obama from the kind of ridicule that could sink even the strongest campaign.

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